Thursday, December 23, 2004

the Wee Folk

I've been working on four forest scene dioramas. First I had to get some boards cut. Then I spray painted them green and gold and scrumbled the surface. Then I took elements from a faux fruit potpourri bag I purchased and a branch and wired them to each board, along with some mossy stuff. I'm making a fairy doll to go on each one. I have to paint the faces on the wooden beads next. The heady smell of the potpourri mixed with the smell of fresh spray paint is giving me a headache, even though I'm working outside. One thing I didn't buy, because I already had it, was embroidery floss. Of course that means I can't find it today. So I've had to work with aqua and burgundy, the only two colors I could find this morning. So after I rest my eyes a bit I need to look for the rest of the embroidery thread.
To be cont.

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