Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being a better blogger.

I've been very busy trying to stay out of the sweltering heat and humidity of July.
For the rest of you on Blogger, you may have noticed you don't get that many readers. Today I found out that if you go to Settings and then Publishing, there is a button that allows your blog to be pinged. Some of mine were set to 'yes' and some to 'no' so it's no wonder people weren't seeing my updates. Check yours and set it to 'yes' if you want blog pinging software to find you and let people know when you've published something new.
I also signed up for and made a watch list so I could see what people were saying about me, my shop and my life. Just remember if you talk smack about people it may get back to the very person you were talking about. Especially if you call them by their real name, their screen name or their on-line store name. And things your write on the internet can stay online for years and years and years. So use some wisdom there.