Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Up until now I've just been putting my photos on a Flickr account in a wild and abandoned fashion.  But in an effort to get people to take my photo skills a little more seriously, I made a whole new Flickr account where I'm only going to post photos that were my best effort.

I'm also watermarking them. I know, tedious, right? But I've had too many friends complaining of pilfered photos and I've had a few stolen off my other account as well.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mixed Media Watercolor Bear Painting

Last Sunday at the archery range I drew a cute archer bear in my sketchbook. I wanted to add him to my collage so I traced him with a permanent pen on tracing paper, and glued the tracing paper right to the project with gel medium. Then I painted him with gouache. The funky birds were stamps I carved. I stamped them onto lined paper. Then I had them printed onto plastic. I glued the plastic to the watercolor base with the gel medium. If you look closely you can see the Korean text underneath the other images. It adds so many dimensions. To see the details, click on the photo. Then once it loads, click on it again. The shiny paint is some pearlescent watercolor that I picked up at Art Supply Warehouse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival 2011

Last night we went to the Laguna Sawdust Festival. They are running specials, and Anaheim folks got in free last night, so we couldn't resist.

I had rather a strange night though. I admired one artist's chainmaile booth. She heard me say 'chainmaile' and rolled her eyes and then I got the big speech on how 'only idiots think it's chainmaile and they go to one Ren faire and think they are experts." I thought it best to just smile and nod and move on. I'm not sure how she expects to make any sales with that attitude.

I did look around for some of my favorite artists from years past and spotted some of their booths but they weren't in them. I'm sure Tuesday is a slow day and they might take that day off to take a break from the busy weekend crowds. You can buy stuff from their booth even if they aren't there. They have registers at the front.

The glass blowing demo is always one of the highlights. I'll share photos when I have time to get them off the memory card.