Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bigger View

Most of the photos have a bigger view. Hold the cursor over the photo and if a 'hand' appears, that means you can click on the photo to see a bigger view.

Wall of Signs. Posted by Picasa

Spirits of the Canyon sculpture in front of the 7 degree Gallery. Posted by Picasa

'Try to Remember' sign Posted by Picasa

Artist's Philosophy. Posted by Picasa

Crocheted Hats Posted by Picasa

Famous example of Googie art...the Vegas sign. Posted by Picasa

"Big Weenies are Better' sign. Posted by Picasa

Vintage license plates. Posted by Picasa

More Sawdust Festival Art. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Painting with lots of words. Sawdust Festival 2005. Posted by Picasa
Waterfall. Posted by Picasa
Tiki dressing room. Posted by Picasa
Artist painting seascapes at Sawdust Festival. Posted by Picasa
Me at printing demo in back of photo. Posted by Picasa
Me at Printing Demo. Posted by Picasa
Printing demo at Sawdust Festival. Posted by Picasa
Printing demo. Posted by Picasa
Paintings of women. Posted by Picasa
Glass blowing demo at Sawdust Festival. Posted by Picasa
Glass blowing demo. Posted by Picasa
Glass Teapot/Sawdust Festival Posted by Picasa
Glass Baboon? Posted by Picasa
Clay People. Posted by Picasa
Chainmail Necklace Posted by Picasa
Band at Sawdust Festival 2005 Posted by Picasa