Thursday, March 08, 2007

Art is happening

I've been so engrossed in the world of art lately, I thought I'd come up a minute for air and to write a blog post.
On March 1, 2007 I set up a Gourd Art Display at the Buena Park Public Library in Buena Park Ca. So please go by and take a look if you are in the area. The Display will be there until the end of April.

I'm working on a chainmaile belt right now to wear with a LOTR's gown. I also finished a circlet today for the BEADS4You winter challenge on etsy. I took some photos but need to edit them and maybe take some better ones.

I want to do more Folk Art because it's such a hoot to do.
And I started the Etsy Zoo on Flickr. It's a game with a different animal theme each week. The current animal is the PIG. I know the animal for next week, but I'm not telling until Sunday.