Saturday, December 22, 2007

Silkscreen or Screen Printing

I just bought the Speedball Ultimate Screenprinting Kit. I can't wait to see my original art on t-shirts, aprons, hats, and prints. I still need some supplies before I start like freezer wrapping paper, water resistant masking tape, and special light bulbs. But after the holiday madness I should be able to start printing things, if not sooner. I'm chomping at the bit.

Friday, September 14, 2007

More New ACEO's

Some of the new ACEO's I put in my ETSY shop today and yesterday.


Yesterday I launched my new line of ACEO's, which stands for Art Cards Editions and Original. They are the size of baseball trading cards (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and artists and fans collect them.

My medium of choice for these is spraypaint on posterboard for a super high gloss finish. Now you can own an original miniature painting of mine for a mere $14.00. Hopefully that will satisfy my fans who don't have the dough for a $300 painting.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being a better blogger.

I've been very busy trying to stay out of the sweltering heat and humidity of July.
For the rest of you on Blogger, you may have noticed you don't get that many readers. Today I found out that if you go to Settings and then Publishing, there is a button that allows your blog to be pinged. Some of mine were set to 'yes' and some to 'no' so it's no wonder people weren't seeing my updates. Check yours and set it to 'yes' if you want blog pinging software to find you and let people know when you've published something new.
I also signed up for and made a watch list so I could see what people were saying about me, my shop and my life. Just remember if you talk smack about people it may get back to the very person you were talking about. Especially if you call them by their real name, their screen name or their on-line store name. And things your write on the internet can stay online for years and years and years. So use some wisdom there.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Original Knitted Dolls

My most recent project is a book of knitted dolls. I'm working on the first doll right now. The body will be made with yarn named "Linen" an off-white color. I wanted a rosier white, but that's all the store had. I can get another color for the next doll. I have about 12 planned. But I won't spill the beans yet.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Art is happening

I've been so engrossed in the world of art lately, I thought I'd come up a minute for air and to write a blog post.
On March 1, 2007 I set up a Gourd Art Display at the Buena Park Public Library in Buena Park Ca. So please go by and take a look if you are in the area. The Display will be there until the end of April.

I'm working on a chainmaile belt right now to wear with a LOTR's gown. I also finished a circlet today for the BEADS4You winter challenge on etsy. I took some photos but need to edit them and maybe take some better ones.

I want to do more Folk Art because it's such a hoot to do.
And I started the Etsy Zoo on Flickr. It's a game with a different animal theme each week. The current animal is the PIG. I know the animal for next week, but I'm not telling until Sunday.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sign my guest map

For my Etsy friends and other fans, I've added a link at the bottom of my template so you can click on my globe and then go sign my guest map. Peachy keeno.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

drawing and making things to sell

I just added new things to my etsy store here: htt:// I sold two of my amigurumi cupcakes, and took the third one to Michael's for the display board, so I'll have to make some new ones.
I've been bitten with the drawing bug again and just finished a portrait of a fashion model. Now I'm working on one of a calico cat. The grid method is tedious but more likely to produce a good likeness of something. I really need to get a scanner though. Pencil drawings are difficult to photograph because with flash bounceback it wipes out the delicate lines, and without a flash you can't get a sharp image. Office Depo will scan images, but they want $2.99 per scan. Blah.