Thursday, January 02, 2014

What the Bleep Girl and Palm Tree Girl

Ever since I moved to the desert, I miss the beach terribly. So it keeps wending its way into my artwork. Today's watercolor and pen and ink painting started as a wood nymph and morphed into a girl standing in the ocean. Weird how my subconscious mind takes over sometimes. 

I also got photos of yesterday's 'What the Bleep Do We Know' painting. I really like it. I had in mind what kind of art journal painting I'd do if  I only had a big enough art journal. Just imagine it in a journal.The dots represent the chakrahs. The snake represents the Kudalini energy and regeneration. 
The vines behind her dress are from the grape vines in my backyard. The dress idea came from a 1940's dress pattern I saw on Pinterest. This is done in opaque watercolor and pen.

The inspiration for this tree was the cottonwood trees in my neighbor's yard.
What the Bleep Girl. Original Painting ©Fayme Harper 2014

Palm Tree Girl Detail
Original Painting by ©Fayme Harper 2014. Palm Tree Girl

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