Saturday, November 23, 2013

Elephant Boy and Wandering Man

The Lucerne Valley Art Show was a wake up call for me. I've been spending so much time on crafts and very little on fine art. For the show I finished an assemblage I'd started a long time ago. I had painted 2 frames black way back when and figured out the elements for the first assemblage. So I finished that one, and then I made another one with a dried apple head I'd just finished. At the art show the assemblages are one thing that stopped people in their tracks, rather than just walking past another landscape.

Elephant Boy and Wandering Man assemblages by Fayme Harper

Wandering Man wire apple head assemblage by Fayme Harper
My art was the weirdest art there.
Owl gourd pyrography by Fayme Harper

Ezmeralda the Emerald Lady by Fayme Harper

Gourd doll by Fayme Harper

Doll with the red button eyes by Fayme Harper
Fruits by Fayme Harper, acrylics on wood.

Fayme Harper

Art Show in Lucerne Valley, CA

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