Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the Love of Shapes and Colors

I spent today working on a new painting. You can see from the top down the different stages it went through. It's acrylic on Bristol stock. I was painting outdoors, which has the best light, and about sunset I had to quit for the day because I couldn't see the colors as well. Mostly I just have more of the aqua background to do.

I hope to turn this design into fabric and then cut it all apart for A.C.E.O.'s. Of course if someone wants to buy it before I cut it apart, they better speak up fast.


Aris Whittier said...

Beautiful! Love the colors. It's very up-lifting.

F. Z. Harper said...

Thank you Aris. I've decided to call it Eternal Love because the ankh is the symbol of eternal life and the hearts are a symbol of love.