Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Illumination and Diapering

Pyramid Diapering Practice

Diapering Class Practice

I didn't realize I had followers over here. My apologies for not posting more often.

I've been working on illumination and scrolls for the SCA lately. That is to say, I'm learning how to do it so I can offer my services and help out. I took a class on it at the Collegium in Fullerton a few weeks ago and if I can get to the next meeting I can show them where I am and get some tips on how to proceed. I need to know what kind of ink to use that is compatible with the gouache I'm using. And I couldn't even afford the $10 a tube gouache they recommended, so I hope what I have won't be a disappointment.  They aren't paying me to do art, and they sure expect an awfully lot for free. But on the other hand, it's good practice for me and will help my social life I hope. I never set out to be a hermit. And they do appreciate you when the moment of glory comes and you hand them their scroll. Some members have been waiting for years for their awards scroll.

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