Sunday, July 02, 2006


Every now and then I'll run across a website that reminds me of a long forgotten project that I meant to do. I was looking for a new beadwork project to show off on Flickr, and I ran across this site: that tells how to make a beaded doll with a polymer clay face. Now I've done beaded dolls and I've made faces and by some miracle I knew exactly where they were. And there I was, off on a new beading project, dying to use those faces I had made years ago. But as I sat down and went through one bin of beads, I came across a bone sun face that I decided to use first instead of the women's faces. The creative process can be distracting like that sometimes. Anyway, I went with some soft suede and started the doll. I had forgotten how tedious beading through leather is. I'm guessing it will take twice as long as if I'd used fabric or felt. The good news is it will probably last twice as long too.
As I was working on it, my boyfriend told me the Indian shop at Hobby City is going out of business, and I know they carry a full line of seed beads in every color of the rainbow, so I plan to go check out their sale tomorrow (if they are even open on a Mon.). I haven't gotten to do beadwork in a while so it's good to be working with it again.

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