Monday, November 29, 2004

Throughout time, artists have learned to become better artists by carefully recreating the work of other respected artists. In that same vein, this drawing was copied from a book by Walter Crane. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

Pitchers from the top view. Posted by Hello
Two pitchers. The handle and spout are hand pulled, and the rest is made on the wheel. Posted by Hello
Interior. I made this one when I took classes at Full Moon Art Studios in Morro Bay, CA.  Posted by Hello
Monster pot. Raku. One of my favorite pieces. Posted by Hello
It may not be pretty but it has character. Posted by Hello
Funky Raku basket. Posted by Hello
green bottle Posted by Hello

Raku Mermaid

Raku Mermaid. I am reminded of Matisse, who kept closets full of costumes and props to use in his paintings. He made many paintings of the same costumes and models, reminding me that there is more than one way to see everything. Many of my ceramics have ended up in my paintings as well. Posted by Hello

Wheel thrown jar with paper narcissus bulbs.. Posted by Hello
Three wheel thrown bottles. Posted by Hello
Wheel thrown pot with paper resist design.  Posted by Hello
It takes a long time to make a basket. Pick a small one for your first time. Posted by Hello
Bottom of the same basket. Coil basket is started in the center and is sewn together with artificial sinew. Posted by Hello
Pine needle basket and the start of another one. Note the drinking straw that keeps the ends together. For the bigger view, click on each photo. Posted by Hello

Ceramics and Basketry

My friend Tom over at PaleoPlanet was asking for some ceramics, fiber arts and basketry photos so I posted these for him, since this is easier that emailing him a bunch of photos he may not even be interested in. All of these are Fayme originals, and some have been in my collection for years. I can't bear to part with them!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Custom Archery Scroll Posted by Hello